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Welllll, I forgot to do the social post this week and ALMOST forgot to post the new prompt! I am on top of things, clearly.

This week's fills for the Ghost challenge:

A Teacher, She Has (Prequel Trilogy & Original Trilogy, Leia + other characters, gen) by [ profile] Merfilly
charmed life chapter 2 (Episode VII, Rey + OCs, gen) by [ profile] elenathehun
Old Haunts (All We've Ever Known) (Episode VII, Anakin + Kylo Ren) by [ profile] Redrikki
she will guide you like a lantern in the dark (Episode VII, Han + Shmi, gen) by [ profile] truthtakestime
every house an allegory (Episode VII, Han/Leia) by [ profile] truthtakestime

New challenge coming up in a minute!


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