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Sorry for not getting the roundup and the new prompt up last night! I'm going to shift to doing these on Saturday mornings, since my Friday new-prompt posting had been sliding later and laaaaater, so maybe this will work better. (And this way you won't get shortchanged on the new prompt, PLUS it will be easier to know when the prompt period ends, since "sometime Friday" was kind of vague.) We can revisit the schedule when the amnesty period rolls around.

This week's fills for the prompt Family:

Shaped by Family (Episode VII, Leia) by [personal profile] shadowcat
family (Episode VII; Finn, Poe; gen) by [ profile] panther (also on LJ)
Next of Kin (original trilogy, Luke, Biggs) by [personal profile] rosepetalfall
Conflicting (Leia & Anakin) by [personal profile] shadowcat
last and least (Knights of the Old Republic, Brianna) by [personal profile] elenafic

Back with a new prompt in a minute!


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