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Here are the fills for Week 4: First Time:

Disappear When You Come Back (Lost Stars, Ciena Ree) by [personal profile] shadowcat
A Matter of Precedence (Episode VII, gen, Finn + OCs) by [ profile] RedRikki
first things first (Episode VII; gen; Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo Ren) by [ profile] truthtakestime
Milk Run (Episode VII; gen; Finn, Poe, Pava) by [personal profile] elenafic

(BTW, since a lot of people have different names on DW vs. AO3, if you'd prefer me to use a different one than the one I'm using, let me know! I cannot lie: I'm generally going with the one that's easier to type.)

Back with the new prompt in a minute!


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