Jan. 19th, 2016

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This seemed to go well last week, so here we are back again. This week's prompt is Force. Are you working on anything? Looking for brainstorming help/beta assistance/etc? Just want to talk Star Wars for awhile? :D?

Also, something that came up in the comments to the first fic roundup is what to do about new fills for older prompts. Right now I'm leaning towards this solution:

Fills for older prompts can be finished and posted (on AO3, etc) at any time, but the masterlists won't be updated. However, every so often there will be an amnesty period, at which time people could comment with notifications of older fics written after the official close of a prompt post (plus new fills could be written for older prompts at that time, as well). That way I wouldn't have to keep updating the old masterlists, but people could still fill prompts in their own time and they would get to appear on a new masterlist when the amnesty roundup was done. How does that sound?


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