Jan. 8th, 2016

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Welcome to Star Wars Flashmeme, based on [community profile] mcuflashmeme. Every Friday, a new prompt will be posted. Art and other media are welcome in addition to fic.

This week's prompt is:
Strange New World

You have a week! This challenge will close and a new prompt will be posted next Friday.

Rules in brief:

1. Any Star Wars canon is welcome here (prequels, sequels, OT, EU, etc).

2. Post your fill, or link to it, in a new comment to this entry. Fic up to about 2,000 words will fit in a comment, or you can link to a tumblr post or work on the AO3. If you comment with a DW account, you can edit your comments and get notifications for replies, but feel free to post anonymously if you don't have one. You can sign your work, or choose to leave it completely anonymous. You can crosspost your fic anywhere you like, and there is a starwarsflashmeme collection on AO3 where you are encouraged to include it.

3. THIS IS AN EPISODE VII SPOILER ZONE. No headers or warnings are required except spoiler warnings for any unreleased canon (such as the next movie) or for the first week that new canon (books, comics, etc) comes out; after that it's fair game. Therefore, this meme is a choose not to warn experience. However, headers and warnings (especially on longer fic) are strongly suggested as a courtesy. The standard AO3 header info (title, which canon, pairings, rating, summary, and any warnings you think are applicable) makes a good guideline; you can leave out anything that doesn't apply to your fic. See an example header in the main rules post. And here is some DW formatting help for making italics etc.

4. Be kind to each other; this community is for fans of all pairings, characters, and Star Wars canons.

And feel free to spread the word on DW/LJ, tumblr, or wherever else you hang out!


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