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Welcome to Star Wars Flashmeme! This is based on [community profile] mcuflashmeme, a blend of kinkmemes and old-style flashfic communities. Art and other media are welcome in addition to fic.


Every Friday a new prompt will be posted, and you'll have a week to respond to it, before the new prompt post goes up. Post your fill as a new comment to that week's entry. Fic up to about 2,000 words will fit in a comment, or you can link to a tumblr post or work on AO3. If you comment with a DW account, you can edit your comments and get notifications for replies, but feel free to post anonymously if you don't have one. You can sign your work, or choose to leave it completely anonymous. You can crosspost your fic anywhere you like.

There is a collection for this meme on AO3: starwarsflashmeme, where you can add your fic.


Any and all Star Wars canons are welcome.

THIS IS A SPOILER ZONE, with two exceptions:
a) Spoilers for unreleased canon (such as upcoming movies) should be warned for.
b) When new canon comes out (movie, shows, comics, etc) please give spoiler warnings for a week; after that you do not have to.

Headers and warnings are not required. This flashmeme is a choose not to warn experience; proceed at own risk! However, while it's not required, it is suggested that you do include header info and warnings at the top of your fic, especially for longer fics, so readers can easily find the fic they want to read, or avoid the ones they don't. Suggested header information includes the standard AO3 info: title (if you have one), Star Wars canon, pairing, rating, and any content notes or trigger warnings you wish to include, such as "character death" or "noncon". Here is an example:

Title: A Romantic Interlude
Author: [ profile] someoneontumblr
Canon: Prequel trilogy
Pairing: Padme/Anakin, Anakin/Obi-Wan
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Character death
Summary: Some kind of summary goes here.
Author Notes: Some notes go here.

Leave out anything that doesn't apply. Your header doesn't have to be this formal. You can also put the title of your fic in the subject line of your comment if you like.

See this post for some formatting code for DW comments.

No bashing of pairings, characters, canons, or kinks. This community is for fans of all pairings and all characters.

Commenting on other people's fic is highly encouraged!

I am your mod, [personal profile] sholio. Please post a comment or PM me if you have any questions.


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