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Hi! *waves* I'm Sam and I am your new Emperor modly person. Normally we will stick to the usual Friday posting of prompts but the UK had a general election this week so I'm a wee bit behind. So given we have lost two days, I'm going to use our mini time frame to inspire our prompt! I really want to keep this place going and with DW getting busier hopefully we will get new and old writers on the go! Spread the word :)

The new prompt is:

Next prompt will be posted on June 16!

Rules in brief:

1. All Star Wars canons are welcome, as are non-fic fills. Anonymous fills are fine.

2. Post your fic in a comment to this entry or post it elsewhere and link to it. Headers/warnings are not required, but are suggested. New canon (new episodes, comics, etc) should have spoiler warnings for a week, and after that, no warnings are needed.

Flashmeme collection on AO3 (feel free to add your fills!)
Full rules post
DW formatting help for making italics etc if you post your fic in a comment
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